VOILA..BBAG Squad GroupPics @ Trunk Show!!

  1. I'm so excited...
    Here we go..Two group pics of those who attended yesterdays Trunk Show at BalNY..(at least two people are missing sadly..)
    It was soo much fun meeting everyone..I had a blast!
    Come on everyone identify themselves:yahoo:
    I"m the caramel city with the blonde attached:P:P


    Everyone is so cute! And look at all the BBags

  2. Glad you all had a good time. Great group shot.
  3. You guys look adorable! :heart::heart: So nice to see your faces and your pretty bags! Your expressions are so B-bag satisfied!
  4. You guys are adorable and it looks like you had fun! Even with the DHL mishap!

    And look at all those arm candy!

    Great Group SHOT!
  5. wow, the bbag gang!:supacool: it looks like you guys had fun!
  6. aww!
    so whos who?
  7. awesome! so cool to see so many hip people with bbags! woot!

    represent! :heart:
  8. Too Cute!!!
  9. awwww so much fun! everyone looks great! love the bags!
  10. Great pics!! You guys look great!! Thanks for sharing, oula!
  11. you guys are all soo adorable! now, time to put some usernames to the face!
  12. How cute!! Thanks for posting the pics, Oula!! Wish I was there.
  13. how cute!! and Oula, you totally are a model!!! Everyone looks so sweet!!
  14. what an awesome pic!!

    I wish I could have been there :crybaby:
  15. great pics!!! who's who? thanks for sharing!