Voie Lactée Scarf

  1. the one with all the planets on it -- i've heard it's supposed to glow in the dark! that would be so cool . . . but is it true?

  2. Glow in the dark!!!!! Must have one!
  3. I have 3 colorways of this scarf, but only the black colorway glows in the dark. A real fun scarf to wear to the movies!:graucho:
  4. That one is on my list, too, DQ.
    I wonder if the glowing wears out after a while. But either way it is a beauty.

    We do a lot of stargazing here, how did H know!!:yes:
  5. Mine does not exactly GLOW in the dark .

    It is navy and some of the planets are in white ink. Leave it in the sunlight, then take to a dark room.

    Yeahhhh, I can sorta make out the white planets in the dark - but heck they should stick out because they are white on a navy field.
  6. It really glows in the dark??? Gott have one!
  7. Oh my, I almost bid on one in the navy colorway last week. My son is completely into "Outer Space" right now and I thought it would be a fun way of remembering this part of our lives. But something far more expensive called to me, and the scarf was left behind. Looks like I'll have plenty of competition on the next one that comes up!
  8. This is what I love about Hermes--traditional, yet whimsical at the same time! Would never have thought they'd do a glow-in-the-dark scarf!
  9. I have the black one. I was told only the black colourway has the 'glow in the dark' properties, and like a prevoius poster said, you have to leave it out in the light for it to work! I have also been told the minute you dry-clean or wash the scarf, no more glow in the dark....LOL!
  10. I'd love to see a pic of this scarf and does it come in a pochette size?
  11. I don't think it came in a pochette...lemmie go take a pic........
  12. I also think i read somewhere that the other colourways have a special effect of changing in the light....let me bang around cyberspace and see what i find...
  13. Alrighty - took pics, did some 'research"....it's only the black one that "glows" and it's only the black one from the first release - the scarf was re-released without the glow in the dark dye.......

    I have a first release, but it's daytime here! LOL!
    La Voie LacteeBlack.JPG Lavoielacteetied.JPG
  14. Oh, that is lovely! Thanks for the great pics.

    LOVE the black one GF!