Vogue's September covergirl: Amy Winehouse (?)

  1. WENN Entertainment News Wire Service

    August 3, 2007


    British singer AMY WINEHOUSE is set to appear as the cover girl of American Vogue next month (Sep07).

    The star is rumoured to have been personally invited by editor Anna Wintour to grace the iconic publication's front page, after Wintour fell for the singer's album Back To Black and her unique sense of style.

    Winehouse took part in a photo shoot with renowned snapper Bruce Weber in Miami, Florida last month (Jul07).

    A source tells British newspaper The Mirror, "An order from Anna Wintour is like a royal command and the order was 'Get me Amy'. Anna loved Amy's album so much that she just had to have her. But at the end of the day it's not just about the music, it's about her rawness, her kooky style and her outspokenness.

    "She's very much a one-off - but incredibly talented with it."
  2. is she the real skinny girl, missing a tooth?
  3. ^^^She's the singer with the big beehive hairdo and tattoos who drinks onstage.

  4. She looks good on that Rolling Stone cover.
  5. I know, better than usual. She's often a mess.

    I do love her album, don't get me wrong. Just not sure what Anna Wintour was thinking by giving her the September cover... :rolleyes:
  6. Agree. I am really interested on what they did for the cover with her. I really can't picture her on it. I mean less so than Courtney Love who is another mess. I would love to see her without the eye paint or wig. I bet they cover her tattoos.
  7. the Sept cover is actually Sienna Miller.

  8. I like Amy's look(when she isn't drunk or whatever). She has that Bettie Paige edge look going.
  9. Maybe the Winehouse report was a rumor??? :confused1:
  10. Thank goodness.
    Although I am not a fan of celebrity fashion covers all the time, this is a better cover than anything with Amy Winehouse.
  11. yeah it was a widely circulated rumor a few weeks ago. people are saying now that amy is actually the october cover girl. I hope it's true!
  12. Lol, glad to hear that there is some kernal of truth to it!
  13. Here in the UK she is currently going through a really rough time after overdosing last week and has checked into rehab, having to cancel her dates supporting The Rolling Stones.
  14. In the Rolling Stone article I recall it mentioning she carries a fake LV Speedy.
  15. Sienna is getting her 2nd Vogue cover??
    I must be the only one who does NOT see the appeal of that girl?