Vogue Paris Uptown pictures

  1. September's French Vogue has a beautifully luxurious photo story which features, amongst other things, the YSL Uptown in crocodile - breathtaking, in my opinion
    Vogue_France_Sep_2007(1).JPG Vogue_France_Sep_2007(2).JPG Vogue_France_Sep_2007(3).JPG Vogue_France_Sep_2007(4).JPG
  2. WOW WOW WOW.. one of the few pieces exceptionally stunning in the overdone exotic skin. Much more beautiful than a 30cm Hermes Graphite Croc, which comes a close 2nd. IMO. This is classic.
  3. very nice! so elegant thanks for posting.
  4. Gorgeous! :wtf:
    Thanks for posting and sharing! :tup:
  5. I cant see the bag! IM BLIND!!!!!!
  6. Wow! Very classy pics!
  7. Wow, very nice pictures!!