Vogue LV Invite

  1. A beautiful perforated gold and white invitation came in the mail today :" Louis Vuitton and Vogue invite you to celebrate summer and the opening of the new LV Seattle store featuring the spring/summer collections ...cocktails"..........so which bag do I take?????????
  2. Wow...how exciting !!!!
    What are you planning to wear ???
    You meant, which LV bag should you take :graucho:
    What are the options ?
  3. Too many LV bags to chose from! The most expensive one I own is the Theda in MC white. My speedys are cerise, MC in black and white, green perforated, monogram.....I have the Ambre bucket with the tortoise handles, MC Alma......the BV, Cabas Mezzo, Tulum GM....
  4. do you know what outfit are you going to wear? Theda, cerise and perfo are good for summer.
  5. theda or cerise...whichever one matches your outfit better. :smile:
    i :love: them both but i looooove the mc theda!! so i vote that by a teeny bit. :smile:

    i can't believe seattle doesn't have an LV and portland does...that doesn't even make sense.
  6. Oh wow...I missed the cocktails party at the South Coast :sad: Have fun!
  7. Can you post pics of the invite?
  8. Lucky girl!!!! I love the cerises... is very summer-ish ;)
  9. I vote for the Theda too. Have fun! (and try and take some pics for us if you can)
  10. I would love to see what it looks like!
  11. After the event I will post pics of the invitation, etc.
  12. My mom and I got ours for the jewelry and watch preview in a couple weeks. It has a picture of Gisele with a really cute charm bracelet on and one of my favorites is one that's in the shape of a pochette.
    As for bags, my mom is going to take the Monogram Denim Chinchilla Demi Lune but I don't know what I'll take yet.