Vogue Article "Items that Defined... the 2010s" featured fake Celine Luggage Tote

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  1. I found this funny and wanted to share.

    Vogue features retrospective pieces on the 2010s –although we're still living in 2019, the runway collections of the 2010's officially wrapped with Haute Couture Spring 2019 and September's collections will be the first of the 2020s.

    The Céline Luggage Tote is featured as one of "The 17 Items That Defined Fashion in the 2010s," and the picture that Vogue selected of the Céline Luggage Tote from Getty Images.... is of a knockoff.

    vogue celine luggage tote.png
  2. Yasss to the Luggage tote! I am not so sure on other items like the LV (just too soon and there are other more iconic items) or the Dior earrings, the Balenciaga Ceinture boots, the PS1 or the Stan Smiths becase these were popular before 2010, but seeing the Luggage and the PS1 made my day brighter. Thank you so much for sharing! :flowers::heart:
  3. looks like a terrible fake!
  4. Omigosh! How careless of Vogue! I’d be embarrassed not knowing what’s real or not... i mean... ☠️
  5. :tdown:
  6. I‘m curious, what about the bag makes it obvious it‘s a fake
  7. It's pretty obviously even to an untrained eye - the proportions are completely off...especially the handles.
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  8. The picture was probably taken during fashion week. I recall reading somewhere that a lot of influencers have fake designer bags
  9. IMO one point that gives it away is the shoulder strap, only nano sized luggage has the shoulder strap and this is too big to be a nano.. :amazed:
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