Vogue article - Hermès connoisseur Peter Nitz

  1. Has anyone seen this?

    I just thought I'd share this article from Vogue Paris about Hermès connoisseur Peter Nitz. I'm sure many of you might know him as "Pete" and have bought fab H goodies from him. :biggrin:

    Well, he has also been trained by an Hermès craftsman and has launched his collection of handmade purses. Look at all that croc!!! :nuts:

    His website is http://www.peternitz.com

    Link to PDF of article: http://www.peternitz.com/media/press_images/vogue_peternitz_.pdf

  2. gosh i hope i can read it...what does it say in general? translation please :p
  3. I second that!

    P.S. In that pic, he looks like a skinnier Orlando Bloom!
  4. Roughly summarised it describes his career and how he has learned about H craftsmanship from an ex H employee, how he opened his resale business and is now launching clutches which start at 8000 USD...
  5. Thanks for sharing!!
    A lot of designers are using exotic skins nowadays..and they look promising!
  6. omg, is this the Pete the tPF member?

    He's so cute! :biggrin:
  7. So is his partner Mario. ;)
  8. oh yes, I've seen him in a Facebook picture before. :biggrin:

    but Pete is more of my type. LOL

    Peace to Mario!
  9. I love the Annalena clutches!
  10. Ah yes, the scruffy kind.
  11. yup ;)
  12. Totally! ;)

  13. I know what I want for christmas.... :biggrin:
  14. I :heart: Pete
  15. How cool! Thanks for sharing the article La Van! :flowers: