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  1. Anyone watching?
  2. yep. i can't decide if Gaga is brilliant or just plain annoying.
  3. I am!
  4. brilliant!
  5. Yeah I hear you on the Gaga thing
  6. I'm watching!
  7. Brit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Same here.

    AWW BRITNEY!!!! She looks SO good and happy :smile:. You go girl!
  9. She's sure come a long way!
  10. Britney looks amazing!
  11. are they gonna do something in memory of Amy Winehouse?
  12. I think Gaga aka Jo Calderone was amazing!!! I was expecting her to change back into herself at some point, but I kinda think its awesome she did it 100%. She's fearless in my opinion, and her vocal live performance is legit.

    Very happy for Britney too, she certainly has come a long way.
  13. i like Miley's look. she has edge.
  14. Yes they are
  15. Hope so!