VMA's fashion question

  1. I was wondering if anyone knows how much the YSL t-shirt is? And if YSL has them for us girls? Kanye West was wearing one when he introduced Hype Williams vangaurd award. I want one:yahoo:!

    Thank you
  2. Haha. I was also curious in getting the same shirt. Went to YSL in 5th ave in NYC and had one of the associates hold one for me as well as an all black one. The all black one has the YSL on the side right of the shirt on the chest for $130, and the one kanye wore in my size [small since no XS] is $185. Only one left in the one Kanye wore [and its on hold for me til tuesday.]

    His entire outfit was YSL, actually. The SA there [Donald] spoke to me about it. Says Kanye is in there often and gets stuff held for him all the time. I got to try on the jacket he had on at the VMAs, it was made of kangaroo leather, or something around those lines. VERY NICE..until I saw the price tag [ actually expected it to be a little more]. It was $3,995. Put that one back on the hanger REAL quick! lol

    But you should definately give them a call. Just ask them for the shirt kanye west was wearing. Im sure they'll be familiar with it, as he and another associate knew right off hand. Not sure if everyone will, but its worth a shot. If not, then just describe the shirt. Its an 'original' he says, so im guessing they have plenty more coming.

    Hope i've helped. :smile:

    Edit: Not so certain if they have it for girls, but they should!!
  3. Thank you for all the info. Have you gotten the shirt? How does it fit?
  4. I didn't even know YSL made clothes for men. The more you know (thinking of that old NBC slogan).