VLR has a Chloe Shopping Paddy - Galet

  1. [​IMG]
    This bag is on SALE at LVR.com for only $573.00 does anyone have it, is it heavey or comfy? Also, is the color shown in the picture the actual color that is available - is this pic. of a bag in "Galet"?

    Thanks much for your feedback!
  2. Can't say if bag is heavy or comfy but color in picture is definitely galet.

    I have seen this color irl and it's a very light grey. Perhaps similar to nuage (new color for fall) but slightly more grey.
  3. Compared to other paddys this one is not to heavy, imo....
    Very pretty and great price!
  4. I have this one in black with black hardware. I like it because it is not as heavy as the other paddy's. The zippered area on bottom is great for items that you don't need access to all the time. The top part is roomy and there are open pockets, front and back on the outside of the bag as well as a zippered pocket inside. Leather is wonderful. Overall, it's a great bag, I really like that color of the one you are considering. Also, great price!!
  5. looks like a beautiful bag at a great price. I would get it quick.