Vline and lifting

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  1. #1 Jul 4, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2016
    Hi all, I'm relatively new to whole plastic surgery thing but after years of not being able to feel confident about my looks, I've finally decide to go for it. After doing some research, I'm considering:

    1) The Line(can't find much reviews about this clinic online, but they have some amazing b and a photos on their site)
    2) Dream
    3) Banobagi

    I find there to be many things I want to do to my face(fat, saggy cheeks, non existent jawline due to double chin) but I'm focusing more on getting a smaller face first before thinking about others such as lip reduction and double eyelid surgery. I emailed this three clinics to advice on what can be done and so far only The Line has replied me. They replied that I might not need facial contouring and suggested I go for the power v lift instead(I'm of average height and weight but have a serious double chin and it runs throughout my mother's side) and has quoted 3-4mil krw.

    Has anyone gone for vline conturing in any of this clinic? And also, I opt out of bigger clinics such as regen because they are really way to out of my budget.

    Will be heading there around early nov. just wondering, is it going to be a crowded period then?
  2. im also looking at pl clinics in korea too, have you looked up DA/daprs clinic? i heard they are known for vline facial contouring.
    look at there before and after photos, they are pretty good. im not sure what the price is though.
  3. The 3 clinics you mentioned are all "natural" clinics. You'll probably still look the same before and after. That's the primary concern I have with all 3 of them.
  4. *deleted double post*
  5. #5 Jul 5, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2016
    oh yes I actually saw a thread here where the user gave a really good review for daprs, but heard is quite pricey and sadly I'm not able to afford such a luxurious clinic >< but I've still emailed them for a quote anyway, just in case
  6. That is actually also one of the reason I chose them, since im not really looking to changing my whole face but just to get rid of problem areas such as double chin and baby fats. Still considering whether I wanna go into doing facial contouring but waiting for a reply from docfinderkorea before I make a decision
  7. I'm in the same boat as you, kind of.
    It's less about me adding to my face and more removing something from my face.
  8. #truestory man, sigh. so have you had anything done so far? after contemplating, i decided to have my face done after i graduate instead of ij the middle of school year and that's still a year away 8(
  9. Nope, but I'll be going soon enough this year.
    Dream is also on my list of places to go check out when I'm in Seoul.
  10. Hello I also contact the line as I have chubby and sagging skin, they also offered me power v lift (3,3 mil won) and thread lifting (2 mil won). but they said price can reduce when you do on site consultation.

    @epicmanbun, have you go to korea yet?
  11. Nope, not yet, I'll be going soon though.
    As for the skin sag I'd just tape it up, or wear a scarf concealing my lower face for the rest of my life.
    People will get used to it I'm sure.