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  1. Hi Vlad,

    I saw the latest thread with the title "Vlad.." and I thought someone was going to tell you that you rock because of the decisive action in making sure our forum is free of evil fake bag people! But it turned out to be a question about server issues..

    So let me just say that you are the best!!! I thought it was great how you were able to sniff out the fishy post on fakes from AnnaLu (I mean, and link it to her other thread??!) Cool!!

    Megs, you are sooo lucky!

  2. Vlad, feel free to move this to General, if you think it should be there!
  3. But of course! :smile:

    Thanks for the praise, I'm keeping my eyes on this place like a hawk on its prey... well sorta. :amuse:
  4. I know, geez. It amazes me that a man who appears to have a life in real life (if you know what I'm saying) devotes so much time to an estrogen-infested pink purse forum. And is really cool about it!
    Thank you!!!
  5. lmao! :lol:
  6. Definite kudos for Vlad :biggrin:
  7. kudos indeed - my boyfriend's head would have exploded from all of us long ago!
  8. ^^^hehe the male ego :lol: It always amazes me, but Vlad seems down to earth :biggrin:
  9. What makes you think you all are so hard to handle? I'm like the shepherd doggie without a job, all the sheep are behaving like angels. It's the chinese replica sellers that drive me nuts. LOL
  10. Vlad has been trained well too... and he kinda likes it here! Don't let him lie to you!!
  11. bleh, it's vlad who is the lucky one to be soooo well trained. LOL.
  12. AH HA! :nuts: The truth is out. Megs, whats your secret? Can some men really be trained to like purses, or just trained:Push: . Im thinking we would all love to here your advice. LOL:lol: