Nov 28, 2005
i think i keep getting switched between the old server and the new server......

i visit like a million times a day and most of the times when i go to the blog i get Megs' Gucci entry from a few days ago as the first entry, and then on a rare occasion (like 1 time out of 30) i'll get her newest entry at the first entry

i was just wondering what was going on :worried:
When you see Megs' Gucci entry, does it say layeredtech on the bottom? It may be that your ISP is a little behind on the DNS updates, give it another day or so. We also experience a little slowdown in traffic due to the move, probably there is more people stuck on the old machine, still.
when i see the gucci it says layered tech and whne i see the newer entries i see jupiter hosting.....

hopefully everything'll be fine in a few days wouldn't want to fall behind on the newest blog entries