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  1. i think i keep getting switched between the old server and the new server......

    i visit like a million times a day and most of the times when i go to the blog i get Megs' Gucci entry from a few days ago as the first entry, and then on a rare occasion (like 1 time out of 30) i'll get her newest entry at the first entry

    i was just wondering what was going on :worried:
  2. When you see Megs' Gucci entry, does it say layeredtech on the bottom? It may be that your ISP is a little behind on the DNS updates, give it another day or so. We also experience a little slowdown in traffic due to the move, probably there is more people stuck on the old machine, still.
  3. when i see the gucci it says layered tech and whne i see the newer entries i see jupiter hosting.....

    hopefully everything'll be fine in a few days wouldn't want to fall behind on the newest blog entries
  4. That is really odd, indeed. Let's see how it progresses in the next days.
  5. I'm having the same problem...I guess I should have checked here before I shot off a message to you on the Blog. Oops.