Vlad!! You are F**** up. Plz ban me thank you

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  1. First of all let me start off by saying I don't know what the hell you have against me but twice you have called me a liar. First the post office thing which was not my fault and now you just closed my thread on the Gucci forum for what reason??? Because you think I was slyly hinting at selling my bag, when I just wanted to ask what people thought whether I should sell it or not. This is not the first thread that discusses to sell or not to sell a bag. BAN me please cuz this place is just filled with you biased ass moderators that think you are the **** when you got nothing better to do with your time that why you do this **** for free.. :yucky:
    People can't even express their opinions in this forum and you guys always jump on people without any proof..

    See ya
  2. OMG..GOODBYE.....Insult Vlad and you insult all of us..get lost
  3. :blink: I think you will be SOFA KING BANNED soon.
  4. oh please honey, it's not our fault you ripped off becca.

    but you know what? ask and you shall recieve, i'm closing this thread and banning you. no need to wait around for vlad.
  5. "OMG like I just want to suck up and stick up for Vlad cuz he's such a pimp.. and I don't wanna get banned from my precious little forum thats why moderators are so tight" yeah Jill you preach on ..
  6. ok
  7. Ugh, it's disappointing that this had to end this way. Bye Kylie !
  8. ooh..sniff.my feelings are soo hurt...wahhhh!!!! MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!..ok.NOT.
    PS- and yeah-we really believed that PO story with Becca...um..NOT.
  9. interesting how sometime's people's true colors are revealed. . . .
    classy chiquita indeed:rolleyes: :sick:
  10. Vlad is a pimp?
  11. Wow! Someone had a melt down.
  12. Haha...I think so.:lol:
  13. He IS surrounded by crowds of adoring females. :graucho:
  14. Wow, is this going to be another 'SwankyMama, thank you' thread? We are having a lot of drama this weekend.
  15. oh man, i'm so excited that i got to be the one to ban her. made my night a little less craptastic :smile:

    oh, and i decided not to close the thread so we can all tell her to not let the door hit her in the ass on the way out
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.