Vlad, what about an Indie designer Forum?

  1. What about a Forum for our members that are designers to post in?
    It could give them a platform to ask about styles, colors, desires. . . and us an opportunity to see some of their work.
    Seems like we have A LOT of designers!

    Ooooh, maybe a bad idea? What about people that join just to plug themselves?
  2. Humm.. good and bad??? We could monitor it and make sure it was known members? I do posts about many of them on the blog... hum.. Let me think!!

    Not a bad idea- just wondering about the exact thing you said!
  3. I think is a nice idea. I know I was guilty for doing the advertising thing but SwankyMamaof3 kindly pointed out my mistake :flowers: I think generally if its monitored for people just joining to promote themselves. Passerby posts about alot of Indie designers (that's how I found this place).:smile:
  4. Great idea!!! That way those of us who design have our own subforum and for those members who like indie designers they can check it out. Sometimes there is a little self promotion going on in threads that seems out of place.
  5. I am a retired interior designer. What does Indie stand for or what does the word mean? Never heard of it b-4
  6. independent??

    i think thats a great idea...
  7. Yes, Indie is for Independent. I alot of us are a one woman or one man show trying to make our business work.:yes:
  8. Great idea, Swankymama.

    I think indie designers are awesome. Having lurked on the Switchboards forum (that's a forum for indie designers) for two months, this is my impression of indie designers in general (mainly US and Canada). These ladies are not only wonderfully talented and supportive of one another, but they also tend not to be pushy enough. So if a separate forum for indie designers does materialise on tPF, I believe it's not likely that many of them will be spamming the new forum.

    Sea4e, it's great that you've joined tPF as you are very helpful (on the SB forum :smile: )
  9. Thanks Passerby!:shame: I try to be helpful. I'm the big mouth on the Switchboards forum:lol:
  10. I was wondering what it meant to! Lol, I would of never thought of that!

    Swanky-- That's a great idea-- I'm sure all of the designers would like it (and appreciate it ) a lot!
  11. ~bumpity bump!

    Any thoughts Vlad? Maybe a private Forum or something?
  12. I think thats a fab idea swanky - I am not a designer but would love to support upcoming talent!:yes: