Vlad, this one is for you

  1. This is what happens when I send my hubby out shopping for watches. I sent him on a trip to a friend of his that owns a high end boutique here where we live looking for a special watch for a special someone and he came home with that as well as these... Have a look and Vlad as a fellow watch hound I am sure you will get a tickle out of them;)

    Number 1

    Jaeger-LeCoultre 18k Rose Gold too scared to ask the retail.. but I hear it is around 37,000.00
    DSC05364.jpg DSC05365.jpg DSC05366.jpg DSC05367.jpg DSC05368.jpg
  2. Number 2

    Panerai 18k Gold again to scared to ask but I think it is in the mid 20's
    DSC05369.jpg DSC05370.jpg DSC05371.jpg
  3. And then there is one for me... a beautiful Breitling with a diamond bezel for everyday
    DSC05372.jpg DSC05373.jpg
  4. Ah, men! :p Stunning watches though. Your DH has great taste! :tup:
  5. The first one is gorgeous!
  6. Thanks, and yea you gotta love'em no matter what they drag home:lol:
  7. I love the first one.
  8. Beautiful watches!! Love yours, chag!!!!

    So long as it doesn't have pneumatic breasts and six inch high heels...:p
  9. All three are stunning!
  10. Can I have your husband? :whistle::shame:
  11. :lol: too funny!
  12. Take him he's yours :okay: just don't get mad when I say I told ya so :lol:
  13. Beautiful loot chag! I just stumbled across this thread and I must say, I completely agree with the purchases!
  14. Chag, Vlad just found this and he is STARING and drooling. You know how much he loves watches!!!! :yahoo:

    Tell your hubby good job... tell him I would love to borrow him for like, um I dunno, a month a year?!
  15. I'm sure you do Vlad lol!! I can see the both of you up to your knees in watches just the happiest campers ever;)