Vlad, Save Me!

  1. Who else is going insane since the "Jump to New Posts" link at the top left of each thread disappeared the other day?

    I also noticed I'm not getting the popup when I have a new private message. Am I alone on that? Am I going crazy?

    SAVE me Vlad!! :hysteric:
  2. Does the V thing not work for you?

    When you open a forum, left to the thread title is a V thing in a pink box. If you click that you get taken to the last read post
  3. What happened to go to next thread or go to previous thread??
  4. ^^^Wow, I never know about those options.

    I only know about going to the last post read and last post of the thread.
  5. That doesn't work. It doesn't take me to the new posts in threads I've read. There used to be a link in the header space in the actual post just under the Post Reply button on the left side of the screen just above the first post in a thread. You would click it and it would take you to the very first new post in that thread. Since it disappeared, I have to scroll down to where the first new post is (indicated by the orange light next to the timeframe it was posted).

    Hard to explain! I wish I had screen capture so I could show it. I know some of you know what I mean though.
  6. I know what link you mean, I was looking for it yesterday and someone showed me the V thing and that works for me. There seems to be a memory in it though, it only works within a couple of days or so
  7. Vlad will let us know what happened to the "go to previous thread" etc. links
  8. I have removed some of the more advanced features of the board in order to streamline it for inexperienced users. I will make another style version available with all the extra stuff later this week for "advanced users". You'll then be able to choose between the styles. How's that sound?

    By the way, the "Next Thread / Previous Thread" link on the bottom of each thread is pretty useless imo... where's the point behind it? Most people, as far as I know, browse diligently from threads back to the thread listing anyway, no?
  9. Gee, I'm advanced! Cool. :supacool:

    Just don't mention advanced age, though. I may have to pout. :blah:

  10. :roflmfao:
  11. Not me, I like to go from thread to thread to thread. It seems a bother to me to go back to the forum listing after reading each thread, but, maybe that's just me.:shrugs:
  12. I don't use the next thread/previous thread...but I do like the view first unread. Anxious to see how the "advanced users" site looks! Thanks Vlad!
  13. Oh it'll just be the fully fletched vBulletin version, without being stripped down. :wlae:
  14. Looking forward to it :biggrin:
  15. LOL. Looking forward to the fully fletched vBulletin version, thanks Vlad. =)