Vlad...'nother photo question


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Sep 13, 2005
Vlad --

How do people post photos in the body of their thread entries? Every time I upload photos, they end up solely at the end of the entry. How can I write some text, add a photo and then put text beneath the photo?
I can do it because I have a website, so I upload the photos to my server and then just paste in the url. If u are trying to post a photo from someone else's website just do a right click on the photo, view properties and copy the url then click on the picture icon in advanced reply and paste it in there. Hope this wasn't too confusing!
^^ I'm not sure if that is helpful. I know how to use the 'manage attachments' part of the Forum but all my attachments end up at the end of the entry.
Yeah, if you want to have the pictures show up in the middle of your post, you need to host them on another site/server (like a free picture hosting service) and then wrap the img tags around the images' links.
i'm thinking by your response that you're still a little confused.

well, i personally like www.photobucket.com to host my photos. you sign up and can create a bunch of photo albums. at the top of your album page is a place to upload photos onto your account.

once you have them uploaded and they show up in your album you can copy the url from the first text box below the picture.

when you have it copied and you want to post the picture in your response don't attach it. instead, click on the little icon thing in the toolbar above the box in which you type your reply for the forums that looks like a picture with mountains in it and paste the url of the picture in it and press "ok" and there is your picture in the middle of your entry.

i hope this helps