Vlad/Megs we should do Forum shirts at Spreadshirt

  1. Vlad/Megs/Purse Blog fanatics,

    www.spreadshirt.com allows anybody to open up a site and sell t-shirts with a logo, or sayings, or whatever you want on it. I would buy a t-shirt with a Purse blog logo on it--what do y'all think? Manolo has a bunch of shirts for his blog available there.
  2. Cool! I would buy some too. You know what would be even better, if one day we see forum members on the streets with the t-shirts.
  3. Oh la la! Hum... maybe Vlad and I should really think about that. We could even design the shirt (I have some artistic people in my family!!)
  4. this would be cool ..............

    a way to spend more money :smile:
  5. ooo I want a sleeveless top! :biggrin:
  6. Pink lingerie to follow... lol
  7. That'll look soooooo good on you Vlad. ;)
  8. oh man a cute little purseblog tote would be perfect for school!:biggrin:
  9. Maybe it could be another Purse Blog contest....design a shirt for the site!
  10. I would be up for Purse Blog t shirt - Something with style and individuality. Sorry, Noriko, mine would have to have sleeves. Are there any fashion designers among us?
  11. I am coming up with an idea I think... humm let me think sommore about this.

    I do have some family members that could design a great shirt, but I would love if anyone on here could do that too! Me and Vlad may have an idea...
  12. This is exciting!!!!!!:love:
  13. I'm a Photoshop junkie, I'd be happy to help w/ a design if you guys have some ideas!
  14. yup i am one too =) so i can add some help =)
  15. it could be a new contest...
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