VLAD/MEG...Can we have a Brain Thread/category....??

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  1. No offense...LOVE the SHALLLOW OBSESSING!!

    but ....eventually you run out of bags to talk about so I was just wonderinnnggg....:graucho:

    if you would consider a a *small* Brain Forum of some sort where there would be like sub category about lets say for example..

    Debates/World Issues (hunger, world peace" etc etc)/

    Education (for our purse loving students who are stumped by certain things at school and fellow older or more wise PF'er can help out)/

    Work (work related issues and questions) and maybe

    Career Center ( not a employment thread but a site where Fellow pf'ers kind of introduce people in there world of work and show the PF what it is kind of like to be working in there field in case any other PF'ers dont know what career to choose....this thread might help direct there way...) ...

    This is just an example....we can just have 1 brain forum and I'll be happy....or none...hehehe...its just an idea...i hope you will consider and not think im crazy or anything...i just thought some of the PF
    er might want some intellectual stimulation....

    Thanks Guys for taking the time to read my post...Hopefully you did hehehe!!:flowers: :idea: :smile:
  2. Great ideas! I think there are a lot of students on this forum & I know that when I was in school I would have liked reading bios about people's jobs or any advice people could offer about a certain industry concerning employment etc. I would be more than happy to post a blurb on my job & what a day in the life at work is like for me.

  3. I think this is a GREAT idea!!!!! The general discussion is so full and active that we might need a subforum for it.
  4. I think it's a great idea as well!

  5. not in this lifetime!:lol:
  6. MissV ~ Great Ideas....Like Them!
  7. I LOVE that idea!!!
  8. [​IMG]

    I'm a student and this could be very helpful & interesting. I know other members were interested in a possible debate forum once.

    The only thing that worries me is that people are easily offended when it comes to opinions that differ from their own especially when they are very passionate about what they think/feel, and that could lead to a lot of fights. PF members are very intelligent & respectful when it comes to the opinions of their fellow members, but there are always misunderstandings especially when the only thing we have is the computer screen between us, no voice, no tone, no facial expressions. . .
  9. yea i know...especially when this forum is loaded with females....and we all know that time of the month or bad days or so on.....but it should come with a warning that pops up before you enter saying something like " you are being advise that the forum you are entering, you may find offensive etc etc. Please be warned its not for the sensitive. Also consider before typing back any type of rude snap back that you do not hear the persons tone of voice or body language so dont jump to conclusion that something they may have said was to offend your idea on the debate...) something along the line of that..and all the person has to do is press Click for "Yes I Understand" (acess to all debates) and then if they click no...they will be redirted back into the main screen....I dont know just an idea...
  10. we could always call it "The Fight Club" and when things get too heated a really hot photo of Brad Pitt would pop up on everyones screen and calm things down.

    okay. just a suggestion.
  11. lol great idea! though i might start a fight just so i could see a hot pic of brad :love::angel:
  12. I would love to talk about work! My husband is certainly tired of listening to it. Some days you just need to talk.
    I would be willing to tell anyone about physical therapy as a career, I've been at it since 1987!
  13. I think a "Career Center" is a great idea. WE are all talented ladies and I'm sure have a ton of great ideas to offer.

    I don't think that anything involving politics would be good idea on this site because we are all so different and I'm sure someone will be offended.
  14. I have to agree. Politics & Religion is just asking for a fight. People are set in their ways and I have yet to witness a discussion on either topic that doesn't get heated.
  15. yea i guess...hehe but the picture of brad sure would make me want to get in a heated discussions the *poof* brads pic show up...hahahha but I guess thats why there is a warning post....But i can see how some people can be very passionate about certain ideas which could lead to agressice or derogatory type attitudes