Vlad!!! LOL @ your new avatar!!!

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  1. Family Guy is one of my FAVORITE shows!!!:lol:
  2. Giggity goggity goo!
  3. :lol: I wish I got to watch that show more often, I don't even know what channel its on!
  4. I HATED FG untill my boyfriend made me watch it with him, and now I think it's absolutely hilarious. I love Peter.
  5. I love family guy! That show cracks me up. Stewie is my favorite!
  6. Vlad, I find you so much more approachable now!! That other one was a little off-putting.
  7. I love animated avatars,wish we could use them.Yours cracks me up every time I see it.
  8. Yeah, Quagmire is so much more approachable, especially by the ladies. LOL!
  9. i think adam west is hilarious. he should be more involved!
  10. Adam West is so confused. He loves his Taffy. LOL!
  11. my name isn't adam we! or is it?
    who are you?? what number did you dial?? don't ever call here again!

    nobody messes with adam we....