Vlad is making me dizzy

  1. Vlad, I am not as young as I used to be and moving the forums around is just making me think I am going nutso-LOL!
  2. Oh-looks good though!
  3. I'm not liking where the General forum is now :sad:
  4. yeah, i am getting dizzy too.. lol.. but it is a lot more organized now though.. so thanks for the hardwork..
  5. I actually thought the general discussion was taken out...:confused1:
    glad it was just moved!:nuts:
  6. I agree-it needs to be up higher. :yes:
  7. Yeah I just caught that, was it moved in the last 5 min or so:confused1:
  8. I agree... but maybe it'll just take some getting used to? It's kind of nice having the handbag forums up top.
  9. Me too! I was like 'wha...huh?' heh then i scrolled down. :yes:

  10. Big ditto! :wtf:
  11. :shrugs: I actually have to look now to find the forum.. hehe
  12. I agree that the handbag forums should be up on top-but, general discussion should be above a couple of things it is below now. JMO of course.

    oh-and if I am confused-Oy! poor prada psycho!:roflmfao:
  13. I agree, I liked it at the top.
  14. hehe i thought my screen was on a loop or something..hahahha
  15. i must agree with everyone, the general discussion was better at the top of the page. i guess we have to just get use to this format.