Vlad...has a purse bible been considered?

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  1. I was wondering, with all the members on this site, we collectively have basically...every bag ever made. Would it be wise to list the bags and have members take pictures of the real thing with descriptions, so that inexperience buyers can use as reference to avoid scams and fake-selling sites? I just feel that so many buyers out there are getting scams because they don't know what is the real thing.
  2. Clever idea. But really, really a lot of work. And I don't have the time to compile such a thing personally. The bag showcase is partially good for that and can be used as a reference, if in need.
  3. This is just a thought, but what about a Forum specific for actual photos of authentic goods only.
    No real posts in it, no fluff, just photos. {?}
  4. Hmm sort of like a bag database? Sounds good, I have already an idea of how to accomplish this. I'll look into it.
  5. Kewl!
  6. I was thinking that if each of us work on a different purse/style/color...whatever...we would have an "authentic purse database." Kind of like what the FBI has for car paint or car tire tracks.
  7. I know I'd love to see that! I'd love to contribute since I have some French brands that are not so well known...
    But wouldn't that be fakers' paradise? like a reference book? or do they not care about how close they are to the real deal?
    Maybe it should be "members only" so you couldn't just google and find it?
    Good idea though!
  8. I think it should be a Member's Only and maybe Members need to request permission as well{?}
  9. Maybe by invitation...people who show their bags on the showcase, members can press a button to vote and after a number of hits, they can get a invitation to post a specific bag. I'm afraid for people who might show their bags in the database, not knowing it's fake..that would be terrible.