Vlad Goes Concussion

  1. For the first time in my life, I had to go to the ER today. Earlier today, I played Racquetball with my friend Tim, and somehow ended up head first into the 3 inch glass wall while trying to do a spin move.

    Good news: I scored the point.

    Bad news: Spent 2 hours in the ER before I finally felt better and went back home. Definitely not a pleasant feeling, some disorientation, dizziness, a little headaches... sucked. From now on, only r-ball with a bike helmet. Not.

    P.S. Megs is a terrific nurse. :graucho:
  2. yeeouch! quick, how many fingers am I holding up?

    but seriously, does Megs have to wake you up every so often? (heard that about concussions)
  3. OUCH..SORRY! Feel better......PHH is an ER doc..So beleive it or not..These kind of sport injuries are VERY common!!!
  4. Feel better soon, but not too soon. Megs need more time being a sexy nurse. lol
  5. Dude I have to wake up every hour to check on him- true story!!

    And the ER can be so scary. I have been to them many a time, but for some reason today it was like mayhem. People coming in with blood dripping down their face- LITERALLY! I used to want to be an ER surgeon... but today I realized why I am not!!
  6. Yeah, she's already threatened to wake me every hour. Screw that, if she wakes me up and asks what my name is, I'll just cycle between Alfred Hitchcock, JPG and Ronald Reagan. :P
  7. But thankfully he is ok... and we ended the night with Outback and soon to go get a nice calming tea from Starbucks. Starbucks is the cure all (ok I am addicted)
  8. I will ask name and date- Dr's orders (well my moms :P ) I know he will mess with me... and when he finally feels better- I get a present!!!!!!!!
  9. Glad he is ok!

    Megs, it better be one large present!
  10. Feel better soon!!!

  11. when he falls asleep, change all the furniture around, put a black wig on and pretend you are someone else when he wakes up!
  12. Ouch! I'm glad you're alright, and Megs is the best medicine of all. :yes:
  13. HAHHAHAHAHA... he would FREAK!!!!!!!!!! :roflmfao:
  14. ooopy double post
  15. do it do it!

    "Morris, Morris, wake up!"