Vlad and Megs- We are on a road trip!!!!

  1. Just wanted to say that you won't see much of Vlad or I the next two days, if at all! We are road tripping from Ft Lauderdale back to Columbus, OH!!! :yahoo:

    I flew down a few weeks ago, and then Vlad DROVE down a week ago to see me!! I couldn't make him drive while I fly over him and I really do like road trips, so we are off!! We are leaving in about 30 minutes and will be back to Columbus in time to watch Ohio State chomp on some Florida Gator!!!!

    Have a great 2 days everyone, talk to you when we are back in the Mid West!!!! :heart:
  2. Have a great time and drive safely!
  3. Have a safe drive & enjoy the sights! :smile:
  4. ooooh! love road trips!! Have fun!!
  5. Have a fab trip! Come back soon we will miss ya!:yes:
  6. Have a good trip!
  7. Have fun!!!
  8. Have a safe trip!!!!!

    Jill----Congraturation!!! You now have over 9000 postings!!!!! AWESOME:drool:
  9. Gave a great time!
  10. Have fun! No funny business while you are driving..
  11. drive safe guys and have fun! :biggrin:
  12. :yahoo:Have fun you two!!:party:
  13. Have fun. =)
  14. Drive safe, and have fun! :nuts:

    Go Gators! :p
  15. Have a safe and fun trip!