Vlad and Megs...SIMPSONIZED!

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  1. Sorry guys, this was the best I could do...

    vlad and megs.jpg
  2. That's cute!
  3. ^^^ I'm addicted to that damn website!
  4. haha i did one for myself too!
  5. How do you download it as a jpeg? What's the dialogue box?

    I made mine but I don't know how to upload it!
  6. . . . . And then I got bored and attempted to make one of Daniel Radcliffe!
  7. HAHA NICE! Bf's sister's bf made one of the whole family. It was like 10 of us! and our little nephew. It was so cute!
  8. what I did was send the images to myself then I cut and pasted them into Photoshop and saved as a JPEG there.
  9. I really couldn't seem to get mine to look much like me. I'm un-simpsonizable!
  10. :roflmfao:

  11. omg, thats brilliant!! haha! :heart:
  12. I tried to download my photo so they could Simpsonize me but none of my photos would work! Anyone got any advice on how to save a photo properly for this website?
  13. What I did was cut and paste my head. It can't be a photo too far away, kwim? Its best that you are facing forward also.
  14. Ooohhh, me too!!!!!

    Here's me again (from the other thread) and my beloved PHH. These are from simpsonizeme.com, from photos of us that I uploaded (not the create your own version). The similarities are frightening!!! Check out the brows on the old PHH!!!!:rolleyes:
    S4M Simpson.JPG PHH Simpson.JPG
  15. what confuses me was that it asks for the minimum size to be 5 x 7 and only so many pixels and must have LOTS of contrast. How big was your photo?