Vlad and Me in NYC!

  1. Well as you all know Vlad has been in NYC visiting me and I figured we needed to post some pics of ourselves and what we have done and seen etc! So here is one of my fav pics!!! We were on our way to see Rent (which by the way is amazing, even after 4 times of seeing it :yes:) I had to make a stop at my New York addiction, Tasti D-Lite, and then snapped this photo! More to come!! :wlae:
  2. We can't see your bags...:wlae:
  3. Awww... you guys looks so cute together!! More pics!! Thanks for posting.
  4. Awww! Very sweet photo!
  5. that's a good shot!
  6. you guys look so sweet...so nice to have the so around.. heheh, especially if they can appreciate your hobbies.. lol lol
  7. Cute :P
  8. Aww.. you guys are just too cute together ! I cant' wait to see more pictures ! :biggrin:
  9. Cool background! And it's cute how your heads are resting against each other.
  10. You guys are too cute!
  11. Great pic!
  12. That's a great shot, you two look great together!
  13. I really like this picture of the two of you and it's a great (artistic) angle, definitely frameworthy.
  14. so cute!
  15. :roflmfao: That is what I was thinking!

    Seriously though, you two make an adorable couple!!