Vlad and I in Germany!

  1. I just wanted to say hi to all of you! Vlad and I haven't been on much lately, we have been SUPER busy and traveling!

    Right now we are in Germany, enjoying a nice pre-Christmas vacation! We visited his family outside of Frankfurt, then traveled up the Rhine River to Bonn. Stayed there two nights, and now are in Cologne. We are laying low, ordering room service, sleeping a TON, and enjoying the Christmas markets.

    I wanted to share a picture of Vlad and I with you all. It is officially one of my favorite pictures of us ever!! We went to see an old church, built 900 years ago, and took a picture at the top. The background is part of the city and the Rhine river. Across the way, on the top of the other mountain, is a beautiful resort that we visited also!


    Hope you are all having an absolutely great holiday!!!! :heart:
  2. Fab pic Megs! You and Vlad look so relaxed and happy! That's what it is all about! I hope you have fun visiting his family. I'll let you know when we are going to take our RnR in Deutschland in 2009 and maybe you guys can plan a trip over at the same time! We can hit up the shops together!
  3. oh what a fabulous picture! i hope you guys have a super fun and relaxing vacation! you deserve it!
  4. ^ Candace wouldn't that be fun! His parents live right by Darmstadt, which has a huge army base! I love driving by it.
  5. Megs,
    Jason was stationed in Bamberg, which is near places like Bayreuth, Nuremberg, and about 2 hours from Frankfurt.
    I would LOVE to meet up there! Course that is so far away, but really it will be here before we know it. We could get you guys on post and visit the class six (cheap booze! LOL). Actually all the German girls wanted to hook up with soldiers and stay overnight so they could visit the shopette in the morning, which is basically like 7-eleven...for some reason they were so fascinated with it.
  6. ^ Hilarious! We are going to Nuremberg later this week :yes: So 2009 it is!
  7. WOO HOO!!!!!
    We've got good friends living in Korzendorf and near there is an amazing little restaurant we refer to as 'steak on the stone', you can order whatever meat you want and they bring it out on a huge slab of heated marble, and you cook it to your heart's desire.

    We'll also take you to our friends' restaurant, Bella Napoli - the sweetest Italian brothers you'll ever meet! Their grandma even cooks all the desserts daily and all the food is market fresh! There are so many places like that but this one is special to Jason so he and I will definitely be eating there...oh, every day while we are there! haha!
  8. Quite the world traveler you guys! The view is killer! Is it really cold?
    Have a fab time, thanks for sharing your trip!:nuts:
  9. Looks amazing ! have fun :flowers:
  10. Eep! Germany can get pretty cold in the winter...brrrr!!!!
  11. Great photo! You guys make such a lovely couple :love: The view isn't bad, either.
  12. Great photo! Glad you too are having so much fun! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!
  13. You guys look great in the picture. Have fun and be safe!!
  14. Cute, cute, cute!

    But what bag did you end up taking??!!! I can only see the straps...
  15. Beautiful photo! You both look so cute! Have a fun, safe trip!