Vlad and I are finally moving!!!

  1. So if you haven't seen much of Vlad and I in the past few weeks it is because we have been packing up shop in Ohio!

    We officially move back down to Florida tomorrow. :beach: We have an 18 hour drive (WHEW!!) and are super excited to finally get down and situated in Florida. This means tons more shopping near by, much better weather, and a new start.

    So you will see more of us in the next few weeks, once we settle. I know I owe tons of PM's, which I will get to!

    Hope you all are doing fabulously! :flowers:

    I plan on a FLA visit soon!!!!!we must meet up!
  3. Jill you better!! We would love to meet up!
  4. I was so hoping that someday I'd run into you guys here in Ohio since my husband travels to Columbus for work sometimes. Oh, well.....Have a safe trip! Send us back some sunshine!
  5. Have a safe and fun journey. You certainly won't miss the cold weather will you. LOL
  6. We will be up visiting quite a bit!! Where are you in Ohio??
  7. You guys drive safe and let us know when you arrive safe and sound. Be careful! Hugs!
  8. Woohoo.. that's awesome ! Have a safe journey ! :yes:
  9. We live in the Cleveland area.
  10. Thanks everyone!! We are leaving bright and early in the morning, and just really excited for the next step :heart:
  11. woohoo, gotta love a roadtrip, how exciting. unfortunately I did the trip from lauderdale to B-LO NY by myself and am totally dreading getting back in the car to drive back. I feel for you, but anyway good luck on your move. drive safe and most of all have fun.
  12. Congrats and safe travels!
  13. Good luck, Megs & Vlad! Have a safe trip! :flowers:
  14. Have a fun and safe journey! Will you get to stop off and do some sightseeing anywhere?
  15. lucky you!! i would love to get outta the midwest right now... so sick of this weather. my sis and i are going to Orlando in March, though... can't wait!!

    Hope you two have a safe drive down there... best of luck with the move and everything! :smile: