Vlaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!! Meeeeegs!!!

  1. May we have subforums for Hermes and Chanel? Pleeeeeeeease?:shame: :lol:
  2. fo shizzle. but please chill, lots of other things happening atm, I'm on it though.
  3. Take your time :biggrin: We'll just whore up the Hermes thread until then :lol:
  4. I didn't expect anything less... LOL
  5. Later tonight I'll make a list of Hermes and Chanel threads to move over to the new subforums so you can just copy and paste, Vlad.
  6. happy? ;)
  7. Definitely :nuts:
  8. Yippie!!! Thank you!
  9. Thanks so much. There's a jillion threads I want to make, and I didn't want to turn the Handbag and purse subforum into an all-Hermes forum.
  10. We are attempting to be on the ball!!