VL Gold practical?

  1. What do you think oh VL in gold for an everday bag? Would it hold up or does it have to be babied? I appreciate your advice. Thanks.
  2. I have a VL Birkin in black and it is a super durable leather. I think gold would be exactly the same, a great everyday bag.
  3. I used mine very day for work for 4 weeks, took the train too, it was fine. I biffed it the other day and later on when I was putting her to bed, I noticed a slight mark on the edge; it came off with a damp cloth, good as new. My Kelly has actually started to look better after using a bit more - she's a relatively new bag - Nov 2006, and only brought out to sniff or for careful outings at first. Now I am much more relaxed - even took her out in slight rain the other day and it just wiped off with my hand. My SA said she would build up a good patina with use and to use her a lot and not be afraid. I'm glad I can use her every day without worry, it feels like I am getting good value for such an expensive bag and it pleases the DH to see how much she is used (it was a present from him)
  4. Haut and All. Thanks. That information may jusy put me over the edge. I need a summer bag. This would be my first Hermes. Eventually need a black but since the warm day are arriving thought, oh well. I am thinking about a Bolide.
  5. I LOVE Bolides, such a classic bag, I think it is the bag of a true Hermes afficionado. I love Bolides in the slightly more structured leathers, I think VL would be fantastic for a Bolide, lightness, durability, structure - it would pop in VL gold. What size Bolide are you considering?
  6. Creature, I have a gold VL Bolide (with GH) and just love it! I currently carry it more than any other of my H bags (but then I'm still Birkinless). It works for work and for weekends. I have gotten some very mild scuffing on the corners, but that's it. No scratches, etc. It's a lighter-colored gold than togo and other leathers, but that's actually what I like about it. Let me know if there's anything else I can tell you about it to help with your decision process.
  7. I think VL is supposed to be especially hardy and light weight, making it a wonderful choice.
  8. Thank you all for your advice and help. I can't believe it. After reading what you all said about the leather I decided to purchase the bag. Called. Was already sold. Cannot believe it. Blast.
  9. Oh, creature, I'm sorry you missed this chance. :sad: But I promise you that another one will surely come your way. Your SA might be able to call around and find you another one at another store and get it transferred; they'll do that for Bolides, unlike Kellys and Birkins--and that's how I got mine.
  10. I think it would be a fantastic everyday bag. Gold on VL shows up the 2 tone feature of VL very well, and it's very lovely.

    Yes, VL is tough as nails (well, not really but you get the drift) so no babying needed guaranteed. But with ALL leathers, deep scratches cannot be cured, so this is really not an anomaly at all. In general use, VL looks like new even after a long time of usage.

    All the best in your decision making. Sometimes, it just gets so hard, doesn't it. But it's all the fun. :heart:
  11. Oh NO! I just saw your post. Sorry to hear that. I hope you can get to order it, or ask around if it's available in other stores.
  12. One of my Birkins is Gold VL - used it daily for about 8 months (til I bought VL Kelly). Still looks great, no wear to the corners, no fear of rain. Great color, great leather, highly recommend.
  13. Hope you're able to find the VL gold Hermes bag of your dreams, creature.
  14. Oh! That's unfortunate. Well, at least you know now you're ready to take the leap when another one comes along!