Vixen Van Go Go?

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  1. Thoughts on this bag? I did some searches and it seems to be highly coveted. I've tracked one down in Tango Red, listed in EUC, for $99 shipped. I'm waiting on pics. Should I snatch this one up?
  2. I like the VVGG, however the opening wasn't as "open" as my Boogies which I think spoiled me. Other than that I think it's a pretty great bag!
  3. Tori:

    I looooooooooove my VVGG!!! She's terrific! Not as deep as a Boogie but still a great capacity bag. It's has a zipper closure rather than a snap. Really pretty laced handle... I'd go for it if I were you... Fall 2007 had great colors, too .... that tango red should be very pretty!! :yes:

    Here's my VVGG next to my WU:


    Handle detail (sorta....haha )


    Her pretty slouchy self:

  4. I have a Vixen Van Go Go in Gray. She is a beautiful bag but the opening
    is not very wide so I don't use her often. She is hard for me to part with as she is gray and Tano just has not made a Gray bag I love for me to replace her with. If you can snag one for $99 you should go for it. The crunch leather on this bag is thicker and sturdier in my opinion.

    Here are pictures of Vixen Van Go Go Gray. I love this bag. This is the gray bag of my dreams.
    Attached Thumbnails[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Wow Liz that is one beautiful bag!
  6. That's a great style but on the high end for a used Tano. Depends upon the condition since "EUC" seems to be rather subjective, and how much you love the bag.
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    I'm sorry but how in the BLUE HELL do you justify a price of $99 as the "high end" of anything except maybe dinner for one? EDIT: Tano's may not carry the HUGE resale other brands of bags carry but $99.... for a well made Tano... that's chump change for such a good bag.

    Tori: Since I haven't seen the pics of the bag if you feel in your judgement the bag is in EUC then I, personally, would buy it. VVGG's don't just pop up every day.
  8. Simple. I just sold a VVGG and was bidding on another. Both brand new with minor flaws. Selling price: $51.
  9. I have to agree with Voodoo. If once you see the bag, you determine that it is EUC then $99 is an excellent price for and EUC no longer available VVGG.
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    And of course that lone experience means Syb is the expert on Tano resale values.

    What about the 5 year old shopper at $51 w/ 5 days left? Or the Pocket Pool from the same season that's at $101+?

  11. I have to agree with Voodoo here. Some people really take good care of their bags and I count myself in that group of people. An EUC bag from
    certain people could mean it was carried very little by the previous owner. If you think it is in great condition from the pictures and love the bag you should get it. Good luck whatever you decide.:smile:
  12. :hs:
    I paid full price for my wine VVGG that I bought from ebay and I don't regret it one bit.
  13. No worries. I didn't get robbed. Good luck with yours!
  14. Thank you all so much! What's so funny is that I was going through the picture and modeling threads and was hoping the bag for sale was as nice, lol!

    I'm going to take it, if it hasn't sold yet.
  15. I paid $100 for my beaujolais VVGG (I bought it in great used condition from fellow TPfer this winter) and was VERY pleased with that price. Its such a gorgeous bag and was an incredible value when it retailed last Fall for just over $200, IMO.