Vixen satchel

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  1. Has anyone seen this IRL yet? So far I think it's super cute but it's nowhere in my city. I'm considering ordering it from somewhere else, so please tell me what you think of this bag! I like the lighter shades.
  2. Jellybebe - I love this bag! I went to "visit it" at Nordstrom on Tuesday. I tried on the satchel in the white snake. It is beautiful, super comfortable and I love the details. The website says it is a 7" drop but it felt comfortable. I love it and am seriously considering indulging. I can't find it anywhere else other than Nordstrom and of course I would love to purchase it with a discount code....
  3. I guess that I should post a pic. I think this bag is really cute, the price is reasonable too but I'm just going to have trouble finding it in a store, I'm sure! I emailed them at and they told me to call Montreal, which is across the country! I am the type who likes to try things on at the store first.
    botkier vixen.jpg
  4. I also love this bag! Though I was considering Vixen Hobo for myself for practical reasons. I found the whole family at Luna Boston. They added the Botkier line about a week ago. They have Vixen Satchel in Black, Yellow and Taupe. I talked to them today and they should be posting modelling pictures soon. I believe they have free shipping and free return policy. AND you may use the 20% off grechen code (confirmed on the phone) ;).
  5. GracieLoo, I saw the white snake satchel at ShopBop. I couldn't find the codes for them :sad:. But at least you might save on the tax. I wish I could see it IRL. None of my local stores carries the Vixen line :sad:.
  6. Praline - Thanks so much for the Luna Boston code. They don't have the white snake listed, but I emailed them to see if they will be getting it. I am also considering the small duffle in that color.

    The color is hard to describe. The picture Jellybee posted is pretty accurate. It is almost a pure white, but is kind of textured because of the skin effect, so it doesn't look too severe. I have been looking at white patent bags and this was alot softer to the touch and they eye, if that makes sense. I may need to go visit it again. Again, thanks for the info.
  7. Oooh that is cute! Good luck getting one. :tup:
  8. Oh, it is cute! It's like the bianca, but the booby pockets fused together!
  9. thanks for the code!! so it's "grechen"? where do you guys find these codes? i added myself to their mailing list but haven't received anything yet! thanks so much!
  10. Caren, I've been hanging for a while in Rebecca Minkoff thread. There is an excellent sticky thread there about the codes; check it out, it has a bunch of stores with codes. Also, you can find the codes at Grechen Closet or at Retailmenot. They mentioned often at PurseForum and I often use them myself - hate to pay retail;). I've been following Luna Boston on Matinee bags when I discovered that they'd added the Botkier line.
  11. You are always welcome:smile:. I hope they will be able to get the white satchel for you. Because I saw on their site the same mini hobo (white snake). I think you referred to it?? The white snake embossing is very stylish.
  12. I checked out the Luna Boston site. Out of the colours they have, I think that I like yellow best. I'm not sure about the braided detail on the side though.
  13. If you like this yellow (listed as Chrome Yellow on Botkier) there is Frankie Hobo in this color. The bag is a striking beauty. I can't pull off the yellow color, but I fell in love with this bag:love:. It is hard to find in this color. It has clean lines and very refined. If you are not sure about the braiding on Vixen line, you may want to check the Frankie Line instead:yes:.
  14. ^I sort of like the Frankie satchel (I seem to be a satchel girl!) because of its frame top, but I just bought a bag with that same sort of shape. I really wish I could see these bags IRL. There used to be 2 places in my city that carried Botkier, now it seems that neither carries them anymore, not sure why. Maybe they never caught on in popularity? [​IMG]
  15. Sigh. It looks so cute here![​IMG]