Vix swimsuit sizing help please!

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  1. I'm lusting over Vix swimwear but since they don't have them in my country, I'm stuck with ordering online again :sweatdrop:

    Does anyone have any experience with Vix suits and how they run and hold up with wear?

    I'm a 32C and a 24/25 waist. I prefer not to be very skimpy up top. Would I be alright with a medium top and a small bottom? Any info would be much appreciated! :heart:
  2. I would stick with a small top and bottom. I'm a 34b and 23/24 waist and I like my Vix suits XS or S (depends on the cut of the swimsuit).
  3. This one is my first choice:


    MissPinkBarbie, do you think a small would be sufficient coverage in this type of style? It seems to be a narrower/slimmer triangle cut

    I also love this one, but I'm a bit apprehensive on a strapless bikini top :shrugs:

  4. I have a Vix swimsuit and I'm 34DD and a 26 Waist and i Have a M and the bottoms aren't big and the top is skimpy, it fits perfect. I'd say S on top maybe XS/S on bottom
  5. i'd say xs or s on bottom, depending if you have a big butt or not (i'm around your size, but i definitely prefer the small because i have a big butt). i'm a 30d on top and i think you should go with a s for the top, especially for the strapless top.
  6. I think this style is the same style as mine only different color. The cut does run slim. I am a lot larger than you on top, 30F. They used to make this top in a D cup and I don't think they do anymore but anyway, this is the D cup and this is absolutely my favorite suit however from time to time I do feel a bit uncomfortable in it b/c I am popping out everywhere and am not used to the triangles just covering up the "basics." I think if I were you, I would size up to a medium if you like a little more coverage. Since it is string you can adjust the triangles to fit over you and if you want a little less coverage you should be able to scrunch the cups together a little. Good luck!
  7. Very cute choices! (esp the 2nd one :tup:) ...The models are def 34 b/c ish so if you think it's too skimpy on them then go a size up on the top..

    Also, if you get the small, there is still some room to "scrunch" the triangles together for more coverage..
  8. I'm a 32D and have a 23-24 inch waist and I have a medium in both the top and the bottom. The bottoms I have are definitely pretty skimpy/Brazilian cut.