VIVRE 75% off!!!

  1. Sale is great on limited items and sizes!
  2. Never heard this website? Anybody bought from here before?
  3. Just placed an order with them but I haven't received a confirmation yet.
  4. I have- Great sight for luxurious and unique items.

    I just purchased the Alexandra Knight Handbag for $396- I own several of her bags (VERY high quality expensive exotic bags)- the reg. price is $1325 (even on the website the price is $1325)- I don't even love it- but know I will use it every so often and didn't have any lizard bags (until now!)
  5. Wow, thanks!
  6. I really want some Marc Jacobs boots but the shipping is so high! Argh.
  7. Sale item is not returnable.
  8. I love the Lizard Clutch...good choice!
  9. What's the website address?
  10. It's
    Very weird, I placed an order yesterday but still haven't received an email confirmation yet..just email customer service, hopefully they'll respond soon!
  11. Ohhh, love Vivre...just picked up a couple of things. Use code: BSBVIV for free shipping!
  12. :yahoo:Hi all. First time posting!!!
    I ordered a couple of things and used code B78HW1 which was 20% off.
    So see which one works out cheaper the free shippping or the discount as only one is allowed. Hope it helps someone.
  13. Thank you, uk2us8! There's an addition ~$65 off on a Malo leather messenger bag using that coupon!
  14. Now I'm a tad pissed as I called VIVRE to ask if there were any codes prior to placing my order and was told no codesout there all. I just called them to complain- I just feel this is wrong- they said I will hear back from corporate by Tuesday. How did you guys know about the codes?
  15. Still haven't gotten a response from my email inquiry regarding my order status from Friday, so I decided to give them a call. The customer rep told me that they do not have a record of my order, the weird thing is that I am able to pull up my order under order history when I sign into my vivre account?! The rep told me to wait till Monday, maybe their system hasn't updated yet. Very strange! :shrugs: