vivienne westwood

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  1. :graucho:i am a new commer to this purseforum, hello there - is there any vivienne westwood bags lovers or connaisseurs
  2. Welcome to the forum!

    I'm a huge VW fan. I don't own any of her purses yet, but I do have some of her jewelry and own one of her wallets. I bought this one at the flagship in Aoyama, Tokyo:

    Vivienne Westwood Japan

    The sales person looked at me weird when I wanted to look at it, because it's a mens wallet. But the design was so nice! The UK styles are so expensive in Japan though-a small tri-fold wallet (the ones with the purse clasp on the back for change) were almost $500 in Japan :S
  3. i saw vw bags in ebay they all say they authentic how can i tell for sure. whats a japanese authentic vw bag is there an authentic japanese and an authentic brithis vw
  4. Hi there ;)
    I like Vivienne Westwood items although they are a little too crazy for my everyday style... Still, I have one bag (and a few shirts..). It's a "Too fast to live, Too young to Die" black messenger bag (if you want check out my "Bags an shoes collection" on my signature for the pic of it.. It's right on the first page ;))
  5. I think their men's bags are really nice for work. The Japanese website has a ton of really classy looking work bags.

    I really liked the Empire line in grey (snake print) but I'm not a fan of the new patent ones.
  6. I have a pink suede bag with a little tiny silver logo and 'flag' zip pull. I love that bag and everyone gives it compliments when I use it. The inside is beautifully finished too.

    But on the newer bags for the last couple of years I've noticed the logos taking over the bag and the finishing is iffy.

    I'm a bit upset the quality and 'attitude' of VW has gone downhill - maybe it's trying to please a more commercial market?
  7. I am a huge Vivienne Westwood fan. I bought a gorgeous black VW bowling bag on NAP last summer. The leather has the orb logo embossed into it and it has silver hardware. It's such a good basic everyday bag. I wear it with almost everything. I don't have any pictures of it but a Google image search turned up this:

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  8. That's a great bag:tup: I have VW clothes but no bags yet. However there's a Vivienne Westwood store in Glasgow, Scotland where I saw some lovely bags last year when I was visiting friends and family there. I'll prob get my first VW bag there.
  9. You definitely should! Get one of the leather ones though...IMO her fabric bags are not as nice.