Vivienne Westwood

  1. Does anyone love the Vivienne Westwood purses? I think they are so cute. I haven't seen them here in the U.S., but a lot of girls in Asia uses them. I really regret not getting it when I was in Hong Kong a couple of years ago. My favorite one is a pink argyle patterned ones. :love: I think the Orb logo they use is really cute too!

    Just wanted to see if there are any other tPF members who loves it too!
  2. i havent really seen their purses but we have a small v.westwood shop in the city i live in.
    tbh i didnt really like the orb logo until a few weeks ago i saw a woman wearing the earrings and i fell in love, im going over next week to see if i can take a look and at the pearl necklace. Ill check out the purses too lol
  3. The Coin Pouches are darling as some of the other small wallets are. Those larger bags aren't for me but I am going to keep the site. Thanks!
  4. Found another cute style, I need to go to a place that sells Vivienne Westwood! (don't know of any store in the U.S.)

  5. Does anyone know if the store in NYC carries the handbags? If the store is still in NYC. I can't remember.

    Thanks fore the site, I like some of her bags, but I'm too scared of fakes to buy one on Ebay. Hopefully cuter bags for fall will come out soon...
  6. I've never seen VW purses! I love her clothes. Yes, she's really popular in Asia. I get Japanese fashion mags and there's always something in it from VW. Right now, a lot of kids in Japan are wearing the silver portable ashtrays, which I guess they use as big pill boxes or whatever because it's nasty to have an ashtray around your neck.
  7. i was slightly obsessed with the white large abstract orb bag... for me, VW bags are sort of hit or miss. some bags i hate, some i really love.
  8. omg i totally am in love with the orb crystal earrings, im off to liverpool later *if ive got my bonus, if not next week* to buy mmm :biggrin:
  9. chinchillamoose, Silver Portable Ashtrays? wow...she keeps coming up with funky stuff. Her accessories are over the top the phone straps with a phallic symbol (i definitely won't wear that). Still :heart: the Orbs.

    gucci_girl_gg, do tell us if you get the cute earrings!
  10. gingerfarm - i did get the earrings! they dont sit as low on my ear as i wished but theyre still tdf!! and were a steal at like £55 :biggrin::biggrin: *does a dance* i might go and get the necklace to match next week haha!!!

    Ill post pics tomorrow, im off to work in a min
  11. DSC00433.JPG



    loverrrly :love:
  12. They are pretty~~~! Good choice! do they sit big on the ear?
  13. yer theyre quite wide across, but if you have a hole thats quite low down they look loverly, saying that though mine is right smack back inbetween my ear and its quite big but they still look cute, i tried to take a pic of them on but too difficult without anybody else here.
  14. Here is a photo of the portable ashtray. It's really cute.