Vivienne Westwood

  1. Recently I've just discovered her designs. I know she's huge in Japan and Asia, and she's got some really cute/funky bags that I just love. I've never seen any in real life, and I was just wondering if anyone owns any?
    How's the quality, how's the fit?
    How do they compare in terms of function and quality with similarly priced domestic brands?

    I'm thinking of making a purchase, because most of my bags are really simple and clean (so I can use them for everything), and I'd like to have a really unique purse/wallet for once.
    In particular, I'm liking these two:
    Of course, those are both eBay sales and I have no idea what to look for in terms of authenticity, but her website has lots of neat looks too.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Yes, her bags are very very popular in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. There are Japan-licensed and Italian made ones. The first pic is the Italian made one by a company called Braccialini. You can google the name Braccialini and there's some bags they made for VW. I own one such VW bag made by Braccialini. I'll try to upload some pics.
  3. Oh they are really cute. I like the look of the first one a lot! If you don't mind me asking, how much are they going for and where did you find those?
  4. Both of these were on eBay, the top one was only in the mid $300 range, and the bottom one was less. if you search for them, I think they're ending today or tomorrow. I really like them, too. :smile:
  5. The terry towel cutey bag is a Japan-licensed whilst the pebbled leather is Made in Italy by Braccialini which is happen to be my bag.
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  6. Normally I don't like logos, but hers is so unique (and nobody over here would recognise it anyway). Do you like it? Think the quality matches the price point?
  7. I adore the designs of VW, I have a few small items (wallets, clutches) and they hold up really well. I know my cousin has a large tote, much like the one in your first picture and it's held up for like 5 years (she got it in HK, where as slip said it's very popular). I think the quality matches the price point and the designs are unique, especially over here.
  8. The prices on eBay for westwood are so tempting.... But, since there is no authentic thread... hard to decide
  9. I know! That's my big thing... Because it's not so popular here, it's risky. I prefer the Italian-made stuff, but some of the Japanese ones are so cute. They'd make handy little every day bags, too.
  10. There's a lot of fakes on ebay and even in Yahoo! Taiwan auction site so must be very careful. The prices are usually a giveaway. Some of them are also hard to tell that they are fakes!!