Vivienne Westwood orbs

  1. Hi everyone! I'm looking on eBay for a Vivienne Westwood silver orb necklace and come across this seller:

    who has a lot of them, all pretty cheap. This seems a bit dubious to me, are these replicas? Do people even make fakes of VW jewelry? I'm not even sure about that. It also only comes with a VW sticker, no box or pouch. Thanks for any help!
  2. They make a lot of fake orbs, and I'm pretty sure this one is fake...I don't think they would have it so cheap anyways.
  3. There are actually a large amount of VW fakes out there, and this is one of them. My advice to you would be checking out Diabro or Hervia and getting yours from there.
  4. If the orb is anchored with a bar through the middle, or if the gems are pastel colored, it's fake.

    Best thing to do is to look at Hervia or the official VW site ( and compare. Lately, I don't think I've seen a single authentic thing on eBay, so I'd also recommend ordering from one of those two sites.
  5. Em.. there are a lot of fakes around so if possible buy from your nearest Vivienne Westwood Store..
  6. they look fake, you have to be very careful. the best place to get VW stuff from is they sell to the US now, and its the official site!
    the new bags are amazing! :smile: