Vivienne Westwood Melissa Dragon Shoes <3

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  1. These shoes are so cute, I really want the coral with black hearts, and they look quite low and comfy enough to wear all day, does anyone have any or any melissa shoes and would you recommend buying them?

  2. pics?
  3. Love them

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  4. Melissas are so cool. I love the flats. They have to be the most comfortable jellies known to man!
  5. hi! Chanel=:heart: contacted me, but for anyone else that was wanting these, i'll reiterate.

    these are very cute, but VERY bright in person. here is a better picture:


    i found them on revolve clothing and with the code TULIP for 15% off, they were $92 shipped in the US, which is the cheapest i've seen them other than the recent sample sale. (which since i don't live in ny, i couldn't go to, but i think they were $50ish there) they still have a US 8.

    they run a half size to full size large, imo. (i am usually a 6.5 open-toe, 7 closed-toe, and got these in a US 6) i have not decided whether or not to keep them, because they are super cute, but i am at a loss with what to wear them with, other than a simple black dress and tights.
  6. I'm looking for these shoes too. I love the white-red heart and the black one with bow.

    Anyone knows where I can buy these shoes in Frankfurt?
  7. Sorry to dig up this old thread. But i'm currently in love with Vivienne Westwood Melissa Ultragirl flats with bows. I love the brown seethrough ones. Anyone thoughts on these?
  8. How are they? I'm concerned about rubber shoes and getting sweaty :S
  9. They are toooo cute!:tender:
  10. I love mine! I have a heart pair and a bow pair. They are so comfortable!
  11. How are the durability, Izznit? are they comfy to wear in summer too?
  12. ^I'd say they're very durable. If there are ever scuff marks, I can wipe it off with my finger. I've been wearing them in the summer and still find them comfortable--not hot at all.
  13. CUTE!!! not my style, but cute!!
  14. Thanks for answering my questions. I have my eye on the brown translucent bows ultragirl flats. I guess I'm going to get them then.