Vivienne Westwood dress

  1. I just bought this dress from VW. I got a discount but still it was 350 and it is just a simple black dress. What do you think? I got it at Revolve so at least if I change my mind it is easy to return.
  2. It's nice, but very plain for VW. If i buy VW i want it to be unique and scream VW as most of her clothing and accessories do. But that's just me.. It's cute nonetheless.
  3. It's lovely and classic.
  4. I agree with Sammy, it's nice, but that's it. It's a little obvious, a predictible style for a black dress, and I can't really see anything too outstanding about it. On the other hand, it's a dress you could feel comfortable keeping and wearing for years since it is so simple, and from my experience Vivienne Westwood clothes are very well-made (but I only have pieces from her collections in the '80s and '90s, so things may have changed). I'd say if you're in need of this sort of dress, you could get a lot of use out of it - when combined with other pieces of clothing and accessories.
  5. It is nice and classic, and I think you will wear it for years (so I say spend more on these things). If you love it and the fabric is great, then I say keep. If you aren't falling head over heels for it then I say return.
  6. Thank you for the comments. I am really trying to do a slow and steady wardrobe makeover and this forum has been the biggest inspiration and also my best source for information about brands, quality and style. I agree that the dress is very simple. One of my problems in the past is that I chose items that were either too funky or too simple, and then I would not wear most of what was in my closet as a result. I am kind of hoping that this dress becomes the ultimate long sleeve little black dress.

    Maybe when it arrives if I am brave enough I can model it to see what you all think? I am not the best at accessorizing... I was thinking of the obvious black boots or black pumps. I would try it with and without a black belt. And then maybe a medium brown belt and/or brown shoes or boots. And I guess I could wear it with a black blazer and probably some other colors...If anyone has any other ideas let me know!

    I do happen to be in the market for a long sleeve black dress. I own a couple but they pretty much have no sleeves. Of course if I add a blazer the sleeves don't really matter I guess! Regardless, the couple I have are nowhere near this level of quality (or at least I am guessing that based on the brand name).
  7. ^Can't wait to see pics!
  8. I agree w/ the other gals in that I usually expect VW to be a little more funky. I think that for $350.00, it is good to get something classic b/c at least you know you are getting your money's worth b/c you will wear it for a long time. Because this dress is basic though, I would make my decision based on the fabric. If it is cotton, I would return it. If it is like a knit cashemere blend or something, I would definitely say it is worth it.
  9. I think it's nice for a simple black dress. Like you said, you could always make it more interesting with accessories. I'd love to see it with patent red stilettos!