VIVICA FOXX needs a refund..OMG

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Oh dear... I think a refund x 2 atleast!!!
  3. wow
  4. OMG that's fake right, because that's just TOO nasty!
  5. If I had those nasty looking boobs, I don't think I will wear low cut dress like that.
  6. :shocked: that is gross ! i feel sorry for her but i do not understand why she has to show them with this plunging neckline?? c´mon girl i am sure you know that your boobjob went wrong (or your body reacted arkward to the implamts) and i am also sure you do have a mirror at home. USE IT ! and please start saving up for a new pair of implants ;)
  7. is it at all possible that this is just a rather bad airbrushing job?
  8. Or lighting or something? I certainly hope so! Poor girl! If that's bad surgery, she wouldn't wear that dress...maybe?
  9. Ewwww!!!!!
  10. ^^no, unfortunately not, that's not the first pic like this I've seen of her. . . I do agree, why wear a dress revealing it?!
  11. its sad
  12. oh dear, what a shame. But does she not notice!
  13. Nah, thats got to be doctored. No way anyone would go out like that.

    Where are you getting your pictures from, because some sites do this on purpose to most of their pictures.
  14. This is the second time I've seen a pic of her like that.

    Thats a serious problem. I woinder why she had not had it fixed yet :Push:
  15. abandoned, this isn't the first photo I've seen like this sadly. There's been photos like this in magazines as well . . . I guess she's just decided not to let it ruin her life?