Prada Bag-I'm out of luck

  1. :evil: Ordered a Prada pushlock bag from They are now out of business. Now the clasp on the bag broke after 2 uses--Prada store will not repair even with the card of authenticity. Prada refers customers back to the merchant for repairs. I'm out $350 and can't even get it repaired. Any suggestions:evil:
  2. go to a shoes store they can possible repair it. Why didn't you tell prada you bought it from them and say you lost the repair?
  3. Also try to go back to neimanmarcus or Saks and ask them to repair it for a fee?
  4. If you can, buy the same Prada bag in the Prada store, or in a reputable store (Neiman, Saks). Then switch the tags, you now have a receipt/tags for the damaged Prada so you can return it. You now have a new Prada bag.
  5. Did you pay for it with a cc? Some credit cards have protection against that kind of thing for a certain amount of time after you make the purchase. How long ago was it?