Viva Vibrato!

  1. In my years of collecting Birkins, I've only been offered one Birkin (a Chocolate box vibrato in size 35, with brushed GH) in vibrato. That was in early 2005. I didn't take it, and have regretted it ever since! :crybaby:With the exceptions of H Herbags in Paris, I rarely saw H bags that are made in this leather. Even in the H reference thread, I couldn't find that many pics of Vibratos. Interestingly, even when I went to Japan and visited the many H resellers in Tokyo, I couldn't find any vibrato Birkin or Kelly. To find 2nd is even harder...

    Once I saw a lady carried a vibrato Birkin with light beige color and brownish leather hues. It was out of this world! I thought to myself, if I ever want to get a vibrato, this is it! Which led me to pass on that lovely chocolate box vibrato in the hopes of finding a light beige one instead. What I found out later is that it's just plain hard to get one, never mind color preference! So when my mom called during her recent trip to Europe, telling me she's been offered a red vibrato, I immediately said: TAKE IT!!!!!

    It also seems that there's not that many vibratos being discussed here. Is it because demand for vibratos is low compared to other H leathers, or is it a case where there's just not that many of them around? :confused1:

    This thread is for all vibrato lovers out there. Pls post pics of your lovely vibrato here and share any information on this uniquely H creation! I've always been so curious as to how many color combination vibratos are out there. Here's one:
    Red vibrato 2.jpg
  2. I love how the leather is all pressed together.
    It's quite a symphony of color.
  3. What a beautiful bag.

    I'm a Vibrato lover but like you I don't see many. I would love a Vibrato in the Barenia version. I've seen it once and drooled like a dog.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Vibrato is my absolute favourite in an H bag. The very first time I saw one IRL was a Kelly in dark green. I was amazed at how the leather was all pressed together. I'd only seen pictures in magazines before, and I had always thought that the vibrato was some sort of fabric! I'm a big fan...
  6. I just know that vibrato is leather! It looks like fabric to me. Even I saw one in a secondhand shop in HK in person, I still think it looks like fabric (although I haven't touched before). Do you have any idea how the vibrato was made, and how can the leather has a mixture of colours? I am quite interested in buying the herbag in blue in the secondhand shop at around USD3k. I guess the original price is about USD2.5k. Do you know if it's still available for sale in Hermes shop?

    Please advice. THanks!
  7. Congratulations! I like the color!
  8. I always thought that was made out of fabric:wtf:.....
  9. oh my...I thought it was fabric too:confused1:...that's an incredible art to be able to create such a look with leather...I'll definitely take a different look at vibrato now...gorgeous bag!
  10. Absolutely gorgeous! :heart:
  11. The feel of the vibrato is really out of this world. Had the chance to feel one last year while in London. Saw a vibrato evelyn, if memory serves me right.
  12. That's gorgeous!!! You're so lucky, whitebirkin!! May we have the specs please?

  13. That is spectacular! Congratulations!! I´m a vibrato lover too.
  14. I have two Vibrato pieces and love them .. am always looking for more but they are hard to find.

  15. [​IMG]