Viva Las Vegas...

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  1. Well there had been some talk about a purse-blogger "convention".

    I know the Cali ladies are getting together monthly and there are many of us who would love to meet but are not in Cali.

    Since I am going to be in Las Vegas in July I thought I would put my travel dates out there and see if anyone was interested in meeting out there during these dates?

    I will be in Las Vegas July 14 and 15th.

    My hubby races with the NHRA Sport compact series and they are racing that weekend at the LV Speedway. Racing is boring and I would much rather do some shopping and lunching with you gals. :biggrin:
  2. I would so be there!!!
  3. I wish I could be there.

    aww well, I hope you all have fun.
  4. OOOOOOH! Im a Cali. girl. I will mark this date! I think we would have a blast! Will you be keeping us poasted??
  5. Dh and I could probably be in Vegas then. Our wedding anniversary is on the 15th of July.:love:
  6. woo hoo lets gamble!!! its in the blood!!! :smile:
  7. Shoot I live in the other side of the world and I'm going to be in Vegas in July but not until 26th.. I'm through 30th :sad2:
  8. You Cali girls are so close to Vegas.

    Well, I am definitley going to be there the question for us is one of accomadations.

    The hubby usually stays close to the track; but, he said he is willing to stay closer to the strip if I am going to be meeting with the PF gals.

    As we approach June I would be booking our hotel; although, you can sometimes get great deals if you book early.

    I should have added a poll to this thead to see how many of us would actually meet in Vegas during that wknd. :Push:
  9. I'll be there a little later, most likely in October. I wish I could join you girls! I'll probably be in Chicago and then heading to the Mall of America around July :biggrin:
  10. I would like to be there but believe it or not I would much rather watch the race. MY hubby races too (dirtbikes) and I love it. Who else are interested in going? I wish all you ladies could attend our first purse forum meeting here in NorCal.
  11. I wish I could meet you in July, but I go to Vegas in September every year. Anyone planning on going to Vegas in September? I haven't set the exact date so I'm flexible.
  12. Oh man I wish! :sad: But while I will be stateside in July, it'll be to visit a friend in Seattle. Bummer.