Viva Las Vegas!!!

  1. Hello everyone! Well I went to Las Vegas last week and I am finally back on here after this whole time. On my way back from the show my dad and I went to see I HAD to stop in the Chanel botique!!! It was at about 11pm so I got the store all to myself hehehehe)This was my first time and I was so excited! So I trotted in carrying my White Jumbo Flap and my eyes were amazed at how many beautiful bags there were!!! This was my first time seeing all of the bags IRL! There were a ton of cotton club totes...GST...PST...classic flaps...jewerly...kelly bags...etc...I was so sad that they didn't have the new cotton club reporter...that is the one that I really wanted to see!!:crybaby: oh well. I checked out the matching wallet to my flap...but I had to pass b/c my dad was standing right there and he would of flipped if he knew how much it was! Out of the whole experience I figured out that if I would of checked out the bags IRL before I purchased my first Chanel I probably would of chosen the GST. I love love that bag...i think I might make that my next purchase! But anways just wanted to share this with all of you!!!:yahoo:
  2. did you go to the one at the wynn or bellagio?
  3. How fun! It's been so long since I've been shopping in Vegas. Makes me want to fly out there for the weekend.
  4. It was the was on the way back from Ceasars Palace...I'm so glad it was right there on the walkway that is above Las Vegasd Blvd.!!!
  5. FUN!!! You were in the Chanel boutique at 11pm??? Clearly I need to go to Vegas!!! :nuts:

    The GST is a great choice for your second Chanel, but I don't think you made a mistake with your choice for a first Chanel. I LOVE the white classic flaps!!! :heart: :heart:

    Glad you had fun in Vegas!!!
  6. hehe thanks you made me feel better!
  7. Did they have the black GST w/silver hardware? I love shopping in Vegas! I can't wait to go in May. Glad you had fun!
  8. Oh how cool! I just finished planning a trip to Vegas for the end of May .....just to go to the Chanel hehehe
  9. i can't wait to go back to vegas! sound like a great time and thanks for sharing!
  10. Neimans out in Vegas has one of the best selections!!
    A trip to Vegas always requires a Chanel bag or accessory.
    3 places to buy Chanel on one block. Does it get any better?(Bellagio, Wynn or Neimans) Oh wait, I forgot about Saks too up the block. 4!!!
  11. Sounds like a great night!!
  12. I can leave my husband in the casino and just go to all the Chanels.

    Its the perfect vacation.
  13. Thanks for sharing. I think your first purchase was perfect. The flap will never go out of style. Start a GST fund and you will have that one too!
  14. thnx for sharing your lovely story with us = ) ..
    what colors of classic flap did you see ? :heart:
  15. Sounds like you had a great time!