Viva Las Vegas! (long post and pics)

  1. What can I say, I love Las Vegas! After many long months of working way too hard, hubby and I took off for a long weekend. We arrived at the Bellagio and found that our room had an awesome view of the strip. First place I went? You guessed it...Bottega Veneta! They had a nice selection of carmine, camel, and regent green bags and accessories, although they had sold out of the only carmine veneta, ferro sloane, and ferro roma that they got :crybaby:BTW, for you old petra lovers, they had a stunning OP cabat in an enormous size; as my husband said, could fit a few bodies in it. Loved it, but couldn't afford it! They also had a cabat in limo, also in a larger size. They did not have the nebbia/ombre bag I have been looking for, though.

    I was all set to get the new larger baby (toggle) bag in carmine, but when I saw it in person found that the color was not as cherry red as the other bags in carmine. So...after much ado with the SA pulling out every carmine item in the store, and my husband rolling his eyes, I found that the mini tote was perfect for me! I almost bought this bag in magnolia last season, but it is perfect in carmine!!! Adjustable straps that go from handbag to shoulder bag, roomy on the inside, luscious weave...I was in heaven!

    After that, I figured the rest of the trip was all about the food, drink, and gambling. What a difference winning some money at the craps table makes! I was back in BV the next day so fast the SA couldn't believe it! I looked at a few makeup clutches and tried on the ferro ballarina flats which I LOVE! I ended up only getting the makeup bag in regent green, but after returning home, decided the leather was much stiffer than the one in ebano and will be exchanging it for the ebano one. And I decided I was crazy for not buying the ferro flats so they are sending those to me also. Long story short, I will be in possession of 1 new bag, 1 new pair of flats, and 1 new flap cosmetic bag/clutch. Yes, I did some damage this weekend, but hey, I deserve some fun sometimes, don't I?
    bottegaveneta007#1.jpg bottegaveneta004#2.jpg bottegaveneta005#3.jpg
  2. Love your bag.
    I live in Vegas and really want to spend a night at the Belagio.
    As soon as I have all my LV pieces I want I am going to buy a Bottega Bag. They are so beautiful.
  3. Glad you had a great time, I love Vegas too!!
  4. Yay! I was anticipating your return and setting my eyes on your goodies....great choices! Your tote is beautiful and in Carmino is stunning...AND you WON?! :yahoo: I can't wait to see your flats and clutch! Can we look forward to some action shots?
  5. congrats - love your bag! sounds like a fun trip....

    ah I missed this forum
  6. Congrats on your lovely tote! Glad you had a nice trip. :smile:
  7. The tote is really stunning! Very beautiful piece and great choice! So glad you had such a nice trip! Yep, I guess we all deserve such an indulgence from time to time :smile:
  8. Congrats on such a fab haul from Las Vegas!!! Especially with the winnings that allowed for more BV goodies!! :graucho:

    Oh lordy. I know exactly which ballerina flats you're talking about, ouija board, cos my colleague and I were just looking at it during lunch! The Singapore store has their last pair in 36.5 on display so my colleague tried it on, fell in love with it, and was grouchy cos it's too expensive for her to blow over a grand on :p

    Once again, congrats, and I can't wait for all the pics! :yahoo:
  9. Fabulous indeed ob! So nice to get away for a break. The Carmine tote is just darling, so sweet. Time to change your tag line, no more dreaming of a Carmine, you have one now!
  10. Oh what fun. Great bag. Post pics of your other stuff too.
  11. wow! after seeing the bag, i might want to go and take a look too. i never thought the straps are long enough to put over the shoulder.

    congratz! such an awesome piece.
  12. love vegas so much i got married there! the shopping is great, and your carmine toggle is so eye catching. please show pics of your shoes cos i am a big bv shoe fan!
  13. congrats on the bag! it's absolutely stunning!! pls post pix of the shoes!
  14. Congratulations on the well deserved vacation and the great haul!!

    The carmine mini tote is adorable! I love the look of ferro ballarina flats, and anything ebano is drool worthy. Can't wait to see more pics!!
  15. Sounds like a fantastic trip and I love your new tote.