Viva Italia!!!!

  1. Congratulations to Italy for winning the 2006 World Cup!!!! What an amazing match!!!!!!!!!.....................................Now, how do we send condolences to the staff at Hermes????????????:shrugs: :shrugs:
  2. Wasn't that some game!?!?!?!!? Unbelievable! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and almost crying at the end - well....I think I did.

    LOL....hermesgroupie......I just caught that.......:rolleyes: (a little slow on the uptake)
  3. Buy lots more from them! At least that way they get a nice commission for the month:yes:

    I'm getting this itch to go to Hermes RIGHT NOW ... I just finished watching the World Cup too, feeling all emotional for some unknown reasons.
  4. Oh, Kou, I felt so bad for the French, it makes me want to buy more Hermes to make up for the loss!!!!!! Hee hee.

    Shopmom, amazing game! Down to penalty kicks!!!!! I caught the game in my favorite Italian restaurant and there was this women cheering for France!!! At the end of the match I told her "I'm sorry, but I heard you cheering for France and just knew you were wasting your breath!" Viva Italia!!!!!
  5. Now, all the Italians in my city are partying. I live in the citycenter so I can hear all partying from my open windows!
  6. Oh it's gonna be a WILD TIME in Italy tonight! I'll be Duna won't get one wink of sleep!!!! Everything will be closed for the next week!!!!!!!!
  7. Oh, LaVan, I envy you right now!!!! The energy must be contagious!!! I actually had no favorites before the match, but caught the match in my favorite Italian restaurant and didn't want to risk life and limb so I rooted for Italy, but so enjoyed the match!!!
  8. I didn't have a side either, but I can totally see how people get caught up in the game. This is contagious!

    Ok ... somebody please smack me off the computer or else at this rate I'll never make it to Hermes in time.:lol:
  9. *smack*
  10. Yeah, the noise is even getting louder and louder. Maybe I should have stayed longer in Milan so that I could party with the Italians! :party:
  11. The French will just shrug their shoulders and open another bottle of wine:graucho:
  12. :drinkup:
  13. I wish I were partying with those HOT Italians! GO ITALY!!! So glad they won. Bellissimo!!!
  14. SIAMO CAMPIONI DEL MONDO !!!!! :yahoo:

    Fraaateeelliiii d'Itaaaliaaaaa... la,la,la,... (In case somebody is wondering....I'm Italian!)
  15. i'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy! yippee! called it fr. the very beginning. yuppers.:yes: even as my italian & french co-workers hightailed it to both paris & rome on last friday!:P

    the italians deserved it. yes, i do feel a tad bad for the french but such is life. this match was definitely a toss up from the very beginning. the french had both henry & zudane but the italians' goalie rocked!:biguns:

    i'm not sure what was said during overtime but zidane should not have lost it like that.:wondering even my DH was not surprised that zidane didn't come out w/ his fellow teammates to recieve their medals. oh well... next time.