Viva-Cite GM

  1. Hi, does anyone know the handle drop for this bag? TIA! :flowers:
  2. Hi Sona,

    I sent you a message earlier to let you know I couldn't attach my photos so I thought I would reply to you through your post and attach the photos! I am not sure what you mean by the "handle drop" but here are some photos of me carrying the purse as you requested. Hope this helps!
    DSC00273.JPG DSC00274.JPG DSC00278.JPG DSC00279.JPG
  3. :nuts: ^ looks great on you and a nice size too.:yes:

  4. :nuts:

    As I PM'ed you earlier, your bag is beautiful and it looks great on you! Thanks for taking the time to post these. I really appreciate it!

    Oh, and the handle drop is basically the amount of space from the top of the handle (the part that rests on your shoulder) to the top of the bag. But I don't think I'll have a problem with that at all, after looking at these pics.
  5. Thanks Lee! Kudos to my photographer daughter! Poor girl is always taking my photos!

    Sona - I'm so glad it helps! If you need photos of inside the bag, let me know and I can take some photos of the inside! Ah, now I understand what you are asking. I learn something new every day! Just to let you know, my handle is on the bottom notch so it is hanging as far down as it can but you can adjust it to the top or the middle notch if you find this might be too long! Good luck and let me know what you decide!
  6. wow! thats a nice bag, i gotta think about that one... =)
  7. I'm saving like a madwoman, I swear..:P I'll have to go visit it in person first, though! I'll definitely keep you posted, Pat.