Viva-Cite GM

  1. Hello,

    I purchased a Viva-cite GM 2 years ago and it was stolen. I loved the bag. I'm considering buying another one but heard it will be discontinued. Does anyone know if that's true? Anyone own this bag and do you like it?

  2. wrong forum area.Ill move for you...
  3. Yeah I really like it. I love the front pockets, they're so handy for keys, etc. I don't know if it will be discontinued but probably's not a super popular style but I haven't heard many complaints about it.
    This was the bag I used in Vegas over the summer and it was such a great one to use; I love how it has one shoulder strap instead of two, also.
  4. My grandma has the MM- she likes the front pockets but doesn't like how hard it is to access the interior through the zippered opening. Overall it's a nice bag- much better looking IMO than the Multiple-Cite or especially Excentri-cite.
  5. Love my Viva Cite GM. I have had it for three years. It was my first LV. It still looks great and I used it a lot. My collection has grown over the past couple of years, but the VC is still one of my favorite "go-to" bags. It is definitely not hard to get in and out of. I love the single shoulder strap and never realized it was a unique feature.
  6. i own the viva cite GM but am selling it. i have heard that the cite line is slowing down in production, possibly ending, so i'd visit eluxury a.s.a.p.

    besides there is a price increase next week so grab one from your boutique or elux while it's still below $1200.
  7. LV stores here still have some, if you can't get it, try eBay, many pretty cheap Viva Cite GM on eBay, around $550 only :drool: